Generator Installation in Northeast Ohio

A whole-home generator offers more than safety and peace of mind. It can increase the value of your property, too. Installing a whole-house generator system is a smart investment.

Northeast Ohio Generator Installation

If you live in Northeast Ohio, you’re no stranger to power outages. Blind & Sons home professionals live in Akron, Barberton, and Hillsborough County communities, so we’ve experienced the inconvenience and damage a power outage can do to homes and commercial properties.

Have you ever lost a freezer full of meats and vegetables? Has your basement begun to flood…and then a power outage knocks out your sump pump? If you have, you already know some of the benefits of whole-house generator installation.

Benefits of Generator Installation

Protecting your family comes first. But our electrical devices like smartphones are also needed for safety. Losing power can mean losing connections to emergency and medical services.

Some of the power outage protections offered by a whole-house generator installation include:

  • Automatic-on standby power
  • Guaranteed power for all major appliances (ex.: Electronic devices, HVAC, water heaters, etc)
  • Indoor climate control for aging or medically challenged family members
  • Keeping refrigerator/freezers powered up to prevent food spoilage
  • Light
  • Prevents garage door opener failures
  • Protects pipes from freezing
  • Provides blizzard backup
  • Uninterrupted operations for in-home medical devices and health monitoring electronics

Generator Installation FAQs

Whole-house generator installation is not a DIY (do-it-yourself) project. You’ll need to consult with us to determine what size generator will support your home or commercial property.

Is my whole-house generator tax-deductible?

Maybe. If your generator was installed for medical reasons – and recommended by a medical professional – you may receive up to 10% credit on your gross income. If the Governor of Ohio declares a state of emergency (resulting from a blizzard, flood, etc.), your possibility for claiming a tax deduction on your whole-house generator purchase and installation increases.

Should my whole-house generator be installed inside my house?

No. For safety reasons, your generator needs to be installed away from indoor living spaces on solid ground that is not flood-prone.

Will installing a whole-house generator really increase my property value?

Absolutely. When installed correctly, a whole-house generator can increase your property value a minimum of five percent.*

What is the cost of a whole-house generator installation?

The costs vary widely and depend on where you live, the type and square footage of your property, and your electricity requirements. (The short answer is, anywhere from $500 to $10,000. The average is $3,500.**)

Blind & Sons Generator Installation

We appreciate your need for protection and we understand budget constraints. Let’s discuss your options for whole-house generator installation. The cost may be less than you think, but the peace of mind will be more than you hoped.

Call (330) 753-7711 or contact Blind & Sons for more information.