Your HVAC and Plumbing Questions Answered

Why does my water heater run out of water quicker than it used to?
Over time storage tank water heaters accumulate sediment and lime deposits.  If these deposits are not removed periodically they will displace space in the tank and decrease the amount of water that can enter the tank when it refills.  It’s important to drain and refill your water heater once year.  This will also help your water heater last longer, as mineral deposits can corrode the bottom of the tank if left alone.

Is a heating & air conditioning system with more capacity always better?
No.  A larger system with more capacity actually delivers less comfort and costs more to operate.  An air conditioner is at its least efficient when it’s first turned on.  A system with too much capacity will run in numerous short cycles, turning on and off repeatedly, therefore causing it to be less efficient.  Also, keep in mind that an air conditioner only removes humidity when it’s running, so a system with shorter run cycles doesn’t remove humidity from the air very well.  Contact a qualified professional when replacing your heating & air conditioning system.  A qualified professional technician will have the experience to ensure you have a system that best matches the capacity of your home.

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