Heat Pumps vs. Air Conditioners in Ohio Weather

Keeping cool during the summer months is top of mind for every Ohio resident. With so many different HVAC units to choose from, selecting the right system for your home can be a challenge.

Heat pumps and air conditioning units both have their set of advantages and pitfalls, and making the right choice for your home depends on your specific comfort needs.

Read on to find out more about the pros and cons of heat pumps and air conditioners for your Akron or Cleveland, Ohio, home.

Pros & Cons of AC Units in Akron & Cleveland Homes

Central air conditioners and heat pumps are very similar in their cooling operation: Both systems remove hot air from the home and relocate it outside through an outdoor unit. While air conditioners only operate in a cooling capacity, heat pumps work year-round to provide optimal comfort throughout the home. However, because heat pumps provide cool air in the summer and heating in the winter, air conditioners tend to last longer since they are only used during hotter times of the year.

Many AC units come in models that boast high energy-efficiency ratings. Homeowners can look for more energy-efficient units by locating the model’s SEER rating: The higher the SEER, the more energy-efficient the system. With improved efficiency for your air conditioning, you’ll enjoy lower monthly costs for your energy bills.

Air conditioning units are also less expensive to install than heat pumps. However, since AC only provides cooling, homeowners will need to pair their systems with a furnace or other heating unit to stay comfortable all year long.

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Pros & Cons of Heat Pumps in Northeast Ohio Weather

Heat pumps provide cool air in the summer and hot air in the winter. A reversing valve in the outdoor unit allows heat pumps to gather heat energy from outside air and transfer it inside the home — even in extremely cold temperatures.

However, when temperatures drop below freezing, the energy efficiency of your heat pump can be severely compromised as it relies on an auxiliary electric heater to provide sufficient heating. This will cause a spike in your electric bill during the winter — especially in Ohio’s notoriously brutal winter conditions.

Energy-efficiency issues can be addressed by pairing your heat pump with a furnace. This way, you’ll rely on your heat pump as the primary source of heating, but when temperatures drop below freezing, your system will automatically switch over to the furnace to improve efficiency. However, this method will cost more for initial installation when compared to the cost of purchasing an air conditioner and furnace.

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Making the Right HVAC Choice for Your Ohio Home

Choosing between a heat pump or air conditioner for your Ohio home depends largely on your specific comfort needs and lifestyle:

  • If your family seeks refuge each winter by vacationing to a warmer part of the country, a heat pump can provide you all the comfort you need during the milder parts of winter.
  • In contrast, if you’re at home year-round, pairing an air conditioner with a furnace might be the better choice for your home comfort needs.

No matter what HVAC system you choose, the professional team at Blind & Sons has the skills and expertise necessary to provide you with improved comfort and efficiency. Offering top-rated products from the industry’s most trusted brands, we have the heating and cooling solutions you need to stay comfortable all year long.

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