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Worries and questions abound when untimely issues strike. Your furnace crashes in the middle of January, or your AC leaks water everywhere in the dead of summer. The last thing you have is time to figure out what to do or who to call.

Blind & Sons takes care of the essential functions of your home immediately. Proper heating and cooling are critical to your home and health, so we do whatever it takes to keep you safe and comfortable. Our business has been family-owned since the 1930s, and our long-standing expertise of Broadview Heights, OH homes and buildings is unrivaled. 

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Why HVAC Services?

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) make up the comfort and quality of the air inside a building. They’re essential to the function of your home and have an impact on your long-term health. HVAC is a science of complex, interconnected systems. It can be tempting to DIY simple maintenance tasks like checking the breaker on your furnace or AC. Still, seemingly harmless efforts can cause a ripple effect of chronic or immediate damage to your home and air quality. 

What to Expect from Blind & Sons

Blind & Sons technicians are highly trained and tested professionals who are clean and careful on-site. We’re also accredited and affiliated. And we’ve had 84 years of success from referrals thanks to customers like you. We don’t take this gratitude lightly. We’re genuinely humbled and, therefore, extend benefits to you in return, such as:

  • 24/7 service with no overtime fees
  • Cash for referrals
  • Easy online appointment booking
  • Unrivaled maintenance program

HVAC Services for Broadview Heights, OH

Cooling Services

Blind & Sons cooling and air conditioning services are as trusted as they come. Look no further than our three generations of expertise in:

Heating Services

Book a heating service to avoid untimely breakdowns during bitter Northeast Ohio winters.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Thanks to technology, and our team of experts, you have plenty of air quality services to combat allergens and pollutants.

Better Indoor Air Quality for Broadview Heights, OH Homes & Businesses

Improve the ever-important Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of your home or business through our range of services. IAQ has a direct effect on your health and comfort. Heating and cooling help control the temperature (comfort), while Ventilation and filtration control the cleanliness of the air (health). 

Broadview Heights, OH weather requires a durable, well-maintained HVAC system to balance airflow, moisture, and temperatures ideal for your health as well as the long-term integrity of your building or home. 

Make your long-term health a priority. Learn more about our maintenance program to ensure your HVAC is equipped to maintain healthy indoor air quality. 

Signs You Need Professional HVAC Service

At some point, you’ve been in your home or a building where the air felt noticeably hot, cold, stuffy, or smelly. These conditions, if temporary, are expected from time to time. But if the smells linger and the room temperature doesn’t feel better after adjusting the thermostat, then you likely have an HVAC issue.

Here are some common signs you need HVAC or Air Quality services:

  • Your furnace or AC is running but not heating or cooling the room.
  • Your AC unit is leaking
  • Your unit is making loud or odd noises
  • Your unit is short cycling (turning on and off) frequently
  • Your air is stuffy, and smells linger (smells after cooking or cleaning, etc.)

Call Blind & Sons today at (330) 753-7711, or contact us online to improve the safety and comfort of your Broadview Heights, OH home.

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