Electrical Services in the Akron, Ohio Area

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The electrical applications in your home can range from the simple, like light switches or an outlet, to the more complex. But each aspect is equally important, and going without any can drastically drop your quality of life. When you need electrical services, you want professionals who not only respect the importance of your home’s electrical systems but ones who can also provide superior products and expert-level electrical services throughout Akron, Barberton, and the surrounding areas. For homeowners in Northeast Ohio, that means you want Blind & Sons.

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Our Electrical Services

Providing Wiring, Lighting & More in Akron, Barberton & the Surrounding Areas

Our certified and licensed electricians offer a full range of electrical services to our local clients. Whether you’re seeking installation or replacement services, we provide solutions that guarantee excellent results at a price point you can be happy with. We’re dedicated to offering you the best across the board, so contact Blind & Sons for all of your electrical service needs!

The electricians at Blind & Sons offer the following electrical services in the Akron area:

Asking yourself, “How do I choose a good electrician?” Consider their license, insurance, qualifications, experience, and overall reputation. A good electrician will be licensed, insured, and well-regarded for their work.

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Electrical Replacement Service in Northeast Ohio

Our Electricians Service Akron, Barberton & More!

Electrical complications in your home can not only grind your day to day life to a halt; they’re also quite stressful! When things go awry, we know you need responsive service from a team that can efficiently replace your malfunctioning. Our fully equipped and expertly trained electricians can replace any electrical system in your home.

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Providing Electrical Services in Akron, Barberton & Surrounding Areas

We’ve been providing electrical and home services to our clients for years. At Blind & Sons, it’s not about making a sale or a “get it done” job. It’s about a get it done “right” job and ensuring you’re comfortable and happy in your Northeast Ohio home. Whether you’re seeking installation, inspections, or even specialty services, we’ll put our best forward to ensure you get everything you need from a professional electrician in Ohio.

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General Electrical FAQs

Are You a Full-Service Electrical Contractor?

Our team carries considerable training and experience with providing a full range of electrical services. Whether you need electrical installations, repairs, replacements, or anything else, you can count on our electrical services company.

Residential Electrical FAQs

Is Home Surge Protection Worth It?

A whole-home surge protection system defends all electrical appliances in your structure from voltage spikes. Compared to the savings offered by avoiding the damage caused by power surges and outages, this simple service is more than worthwhile!

What Are the Benefits of Installing Ceiling Fans?

Ceiling fans can help reduce the burden on your HVAC equipment, resulting in more savings and comfort. When run counter-clockwise, fans direct air downward, providing a cooling effect. In reverse, the fan will help you circulate air, increasing the effectiveness of heating.

How Can I Lower My Electric Bills?

Reducing your energy consumption is a process best taken in pieces, and every little bit counts. Some of the larger changes you can make include installing LED lights (they use 1/10th of the wattage of other bulbs!), ensuring you get routine HVAC maintenance, and sealing your ductwork.

What Is a Standby Generator?

Single circuit portable generators are limited to powering a single application or appliance, whereas a standby generator can be installed to power lights, HVAC systems, refrigeration, and anything else you want to keep powered in an outage. The system is connected at all times, and operates automatically.

Why Does My Breaker Keep Tripping?

Breaker trips occur any time your panel detects overloading in a circuit. The most common causes for repeated trips include bad electrical wiring, a faulty outlet, damaged appliances, or having too many electrical appliances on the same circuit.

What Is a Panel Upgrade?

A panel upgrade increases the amount of electrical power allowed into your home. It’s an important service if you’re increasing electrical load, and is often used to update older homes, during a remodel or home addition, or when adding a large amount of new technology, like smart home appliances.

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