Generator Maintenance in Akron, Barberton & Northeast Ohio

The standby generator installed at your home provides a crucial safety net in the event of an outage. By preserving the function of your HVAC equipment, refrigeration systems, and lights, a generator proves its worth time and time again. But if your system isn’t properly maintained, that safety net may not be there when you need it most.

When it comes to generator services and routine generator maintenance in Akron, no one does it like Blind & Sons! Our experienced electricians and generator specialists have undergone years of training and put a firm focus on your safety and needs above all else.

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Why Would I Need Generator Maintenance?

Generator systems are complex machines, utilizing a series of systems and components that all work in tandem in order to deliver dependable emergency power. In function, they’re very similar to the inner workings of a vehicle. And just as cars and trucks need routine oil changes and tune-ups, so too do generator systems. Simply put, you need routine generator maintenance in order to avoid common causes of generator failure, including:

  • Oil degradation
  • Belt cracking and wear
  • Electrical connection wear and corrosion
  • Coolant, fuel, and oil leaks
  • Component failure

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How Often Should My Generator Be Maintained?

While each generator differs slightly, for the most part the maintenance needs of generators are static across all Generac generator systems. The factors that determine how often you need generator service include the size of the generator, how often it’s used and for how long, and the overall age of the generator.

A solid rule of thumb is to schedule generator maintenance at least every year, though you should also consult your owner’s manual for any specific maintenance needs. We also highly recommend doing a monthly visual inspection of your generator’s exterior to look for any signs of leaking or obvious forms of damage between professional servicing.

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Types of Generators We Service

Blind & Sons is a long-standing generator service company that carries extensive experience with Generac brand generators, as well as other generator systems. We are equipped with the training and knowledge needed to provide comprehensive generator maintenance services for all of the following types of generators, and more:

  • Whole-home generators
  • Standby generators
  • Managed generators
  • Gasoline generators
  • Natural gas generators
  • Propane generators

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Schedule Home Generator Maintenance in Northeast Ohio

Our team strives to provide you with all of the generator tune-up and maintenance services you need. We also offer new generator installation and generator repair, making Blind & Sons your one-stop shop for complete generator solutions in Akron and Hillsborough County.

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