Thermostat Installation & Replacement in Akron & Northeast Ohio

Video : “Your thermostat is the ‘brains’ of your heating and cooling operation. Make sure you have the smartest.”-Bill McManigal, Sales Manager, Blind & Sons

Though few ever give it much thought, the thermostat installed with your Ohio home’s heating and cooling system is essentially the command center of the entire HVAC setup. From the thermostat, you make adjustments, monitor temperatures, and with the right thermostat, you even find ways to save energy and increase overall comfort. At Blind & Sons, we feel every home should be equipped with an effective thermostat system, which is why we offer comprehensive thermostat and HVAC control options to our clients.

The HVAC contractors at Blind & Sons have been keeping the comfort of home and business owners in and around Akron at the forefront for decades, offering a wide range of services and accessories from leading manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for a new programmable thermostat, need some troubleshooting and repair, or want to replace your current thermostat, we’re the team you need!

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Thermostat Installation Services in Ohio

Our team can help you take true control of your comfort by offering a wide range of thermostat options suitable for any home and HVAC system type. Whether you’re looking for programmable systems, a complete Wi-Fi setup, or a simple replacement for the thermostat you already have, we can guide you to a solution that will save money and time, and help you improve the overall comfort of your home.

Not sure what kind of thermostat works best for your needs? Trust our certified HVAC technicians! We’ll discuss what you’re looking to improve and offer suggestions according to our extensive industry knowledge!

Lennox Thermostats in Akron & Northeast Ohio

We offer Wi-Fi, programmable, non-programmable, and digital thermostats from Lennox®, and we can recommend and install the right model with the right features for you and your home. We are proud to offer you the Lennox line of innovative thermostats:

ComfortSense 5500

Signature Air Conditioner Series The revolutionary Signature Collection air conditioner is the quietest and most energy-efficient central air conditioner you can buy. Like most thermostats, the ComfortSense 5500 gives you the option of programming a setback temperature that allows you to save energy when you’re gone for the day. A key difference is that the ComfortSense 5500 steps up performance before you step through the door upon your return.

  • One-touch Away Mode allows you to save energy while you’re away from home.
  • Energy Reports let you compare your monthly heating and cooling usage
  • Save up to $200 per year in added energy savings
  • 7-inch high-definition color touchscreen

ComfortSense 7500

Signature Air Conditioner Series The ComfortSense 7500 smart thermostat offers customizable settings for every day of the week, allowing you to control your heating and cooling around your family’s schedule. Save energy with the Away Mode, where one touch can help you save hundreds of dollars. And when connected to a Lennox heat pump and Lennox furnace, the ComfortSense 7500 will automatically switch between electric and gas operation to keep you warm, whichever is most cost-effective.

  • One-touch Away Mode allows you to save energy while you’re away from home.
  • Energy Reports let you compare your monthly heating and cooling usage
  • Automatically switch between Lennox heat pump and Lennox furnace to save more money
  • 7-inch high-definition color touchscreen

iComfort WiFi Comfort Control

Signature Air Conditioner Series

Adjust your home’s temperature and control energy costs from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or laptop with iComfort WiFi Comfort Control. When paired with premium Lennox equipment, the iComfort WiFi thermostats holds the temperature of your home to within 0.5 degrees of its setting.

  • Display 5-day weather forecast and live weather alerts
  • One-touch Away Mode allows you to save energy while you’re away from home.
  • Upload a personal photo to use as a screensaver.
  • 7-inch high-definition color touchscreen

iComfort S30 Smart Thermostat

Signature Air Conditioner Series

The iComfort S30 Smart Thermostat is the ultimate way to control your comfort. Working with premium Lennox equipment and your mobile phone, it can adjust for energy savings as you come and go, and it can alert you to system issues before they happen.

  • Connect to wifi to keep in touch with your smart thermostat and home from anywhere using your smartphone.
  • Smart Away mode can detect when you’re home or away and will go into an energy-saving mode and flip back to your favorite set temperature when you’re almost home.
  • 7-inch high-definition color touchscreen

Akron Thermostat Replacement

Thermostats are built to last many years, but they will need to be replaced eventually. If you find your home experiencing unusual temperature swings or your thermostat’s readings are incorrect, it may be time to replace it. A newer model will enable greater control and offer increased efficiency by running on a programmed schedule. Replacement thermostats range in price, depending on the technology, but they are relatively affordable and are a great investment.

Thermostats Installation, Replacement & Repair near Akron

For leading thermostat services, including installation, replacement, and repair, trust the HVAC team that has been serving Ohio for decades. At Blind & Sons, we put your needs above all else and take pride in our ability to serve to the best of our ability.

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