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When anything is off or amiss with your home plumbing it can become an immediate source of stress, additional costs, and further complications in your home. You need your plumbing needs met with precision and care—preferably by experts that aren’t going to gouge you for the privilege. The team at Blind & Sons is always here to help! As a long-running local business, we understand that our clients want prompt responses and trustworthy service, and we strive to ensure you get that and far more. We’re the experts you want on your side for plumbing repair, installation, and complete preventative plumbing maintenance in Ohio.

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Plumbing Services in & Around the Akron, OH, Area

When it comes to plumbing it is exceedingly rare for two homes to be anything alike. That means standardized services tend to not really meet your needs, and it’s also why at Blind & Sons, we strive to offer each client a streamlined and tailored service to ensure you get what works best for you and your home. Whether it’s a simple repair or something as complex as a complete piping redesign and replacement, we apply ourselves to the fullest to ensure you get dependable quality and excellent plumbing performance. The plumbing contractors at Blind & Sons offer:

  • Plumbing installation services
  • Plumbing troubleshooting and repair
  • Plumbing maintenance
  • Drain cleaning services
  • And more

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Plumbing FAQs

Why Does My Toilet Sound Like It Is Always Running? Damaged floats or busted chains are the two most common reasons a toilet won’t stop running. When either of these are damaged, the tank can overfill, which will cause the water to leak into the overflow tube. This creates a continual flow of water. It is also possible the noise is the result of a damaged flapper valve that is leaking. What Is the Most Common Cause of Pipe Corrosion? There are many reasons that pipes corrode. Often, plumbing pipe corrosion is the result of a combination of reasons. These include the chemicals in the water supply, the pH of the water, how much oxygen is in the water, and the water’s temperature. Sometimes, the water pressure and speed that the water flows through the pipe can accelerate the rate of corrosion. It is important to address corrosion promptly as it can result in leaks that can cause costly damage to the structure. What Should I Do When the Garbage Disposal Breaks Down? Garbage disposals are some of the toughest, and yet also some of the most sensitive, machines in your home. Capable of shredding food to bits, they can seize up and stop working for many reasons. If your disposal stops working, disconnect the power and inspect it for signs of a jam. Many times a fork, bone, or another object will impede the motion of the blades. If a jam is the cause, remove the jam and hit the reset button. If there is no jam, check the breaker. It is not uncommon for a surge of power to trip the breaker. What Causes Pipes to Rattle and Roll? Noisy pipes are almost always the result of improper installation—specifically, the failure to properly attach pipe hangers. When pipe hangers fail, or when they are not properly secured, the plumbing pipes will come loose and rub against floor joists, walls, etc. What are the Signs I Need to Replace the Hot Water Heater? Common signs that you need to replace the water heater include rust-colored water, insufficient supply/diminishing supply of hot water, and water pooling around the base. Do you have more questions about the plumbing in your home? Contact Blind & Sons at (330) 753-7711 with your questions and to learn more about the plumbing services we offer clients in Akron and Northeast Ohio.

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As a long-time local plumbing company, our team cares about the quality and reliability of the work we provide. With each and every service we pledge to put in the best effort we can muster, ensuring you get quality parts, products, and services that meet your unique needs. Whether it’s a simple repair or a complex problem, we’re the team that can get the job done right. And, thanks to our coupons, you can always count on Blind & Sons for affordable plumbing services. Searching for the best plumbers in Northeast Ohio? Contact the licensed plumbers at Blind & Sons now to set a date for your consultation!