5 Reasons Your Home Needs Surge Protection

Whether you live in a modern or old home, ensuring your electrical systems are properly equipped to handle your power needs is essential. That can mean different things for different people; however, one of the best ways to ensure your power needs are met is through whole-home surge protection.

Whole-home surge protection services provide many benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why your home needs surge protection to satisfy your electrical needs!

It Offers Protection for Your Updated Home Technology

Today’s households are saturated with more technology than ever. Not only that, but the types of technologies present in modern households are far more advanced than those of the past. For example, home appliances now have circuit boards that require surge protection. Even LED bulbs contain micro circuit boards that can be severely impacted by a power surge if left unprotected.

When it comes to computers, proper surge protection can help safeguard against file damage, lost files, and damaged data. Installing a whole-house surge protector can prevent your modern-day gadgets from being damaged or destroyed during a power surge.

It Protects Your Appliances Against Power Surges

Did you know that 80% of power surges are generated in the home? It’s true! While most power surges occur due to overextended home appliances, they don’t last very long and won’t cause major damage. However, ignoring continued power surges — regardless of how short they may last — can slowly degrade the performance of your appliances and electronic devices over time. This ultimately shortens the life span of your electronic equipment and will cause you to spend more money more frequently on replacement products. If you had just installed a whole-home surge protector, this problem could have been avoided altogether.

Whole-Home Surge Protection Is Affordable

Those experiencing continued issues with their home power supply may start to consider electrical panel upgrades or full electrical replacements as a solution. However, the cost for these services can quickly become overwhelming. Whole-home surge protection offers Ohio families a cost-effective, affordable solution to protect their homes from potential hazards. The best part? Installation is fast and simple, allowing you to start protecting your home immediately.

Surge Protectors Are Easy to Repair & Replace

In keeping with their affordability, surge protectors are very easy to repair and replace should something go awry. When a whole-home surge protector fails, it’s not nearly as much of a financial blow as it would be if your whole-home generator were to quit on you. Easy repair and replacement is just another reason why your home can benefit from whole-home surge protection.

Surge Protection Reduces Maintenance Costs

As we mentioned earlier, power surges can shorten the life span of your home’s appliances and electrical devices. If left unprotected, these household items can experience an increased need for maintenance and repairs. By protecting your home and belongings with a whole-home surge protector, you can prevent against unnecessary maintenance and repair costs for your HVAC equipment, appliances, computers, and other electronic devices.

Blind & Sons for Whole-Home Surge Protection in Ohio

Ready to start reaping the benefits whole-home surge protection can provide? Blind & Sons has the skilled electricians you need to bring improved functionality and electrical protection to your home. Contact our team to schedule whole-home surge protection services in your Ohio home today!

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