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Even a brief interruption of power can place you and your home at risk. The lights go off, HVAC won’t operate, food starts to spoil — and unfortunately, outages aren’t all that uncommon in our area. And they tend to last more than a “brief” period of time! But being adequately prepared isn’t as hard as you may think: All it takes is a whole-home generator provided by the experts at Blind & Sons!

Our electricians offer complete whole-home generator selection, installation, and maintenance support services to our Northeast Ohio clients. With our care and dedication to accurate, customer-focused service we can ensure you get all of the electrical access protection you need, keeping your lights on, your home comfortable, and your family safe.

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How Does a Whole-House Generator Work?

When asked about a generator, most will think of the portable kind — the smaller units with a single connection. These are handy in a pinch or on the go, but they’re very ineffective when it comes to staying powered in a storm or extended outage. This is where whole-home generators come in, as they can power an entire home when sized correctly.

As opposed to a portable unit, a whole-home generator is capable of keeping the lights on, powering your HVAC system, ensuring the fridge stays running, and taking care of all of your other electrical needs. And even better, a single tank of propane or access to natural gas can keep a generator running for a whole week. And if you have a steady supply, you can run your whole-house generator indefinitely.

Whole-house generators are installed by a certified electrician and are set up directly to your home by way of either a manual or automatic transfer switch. In the event of a loss of power, the generator will switch on and handle your needs for as long as necessary.

A whole-home generator offers a more substantial and reliable means of keeping electrical access in the event of an outage. Contact Blind & Sons today to speak with our service team now!

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Whole-Home Generator Installation

A whole-home generator works to keep you completely covered in the case of an outage, be it from storms or utility troubles. But in order for the generator to meet all of your needs, it needs to be chosen with care and installed effectively. Our electricians can walk you through the whole process, helping you to determine the generator that covers all of the circuits you want to power and setting you up with the optimal Generac brand generator and price it out to match your budget.

Does a Whole-Home Generator Add Value to Your Home?

Installing a generator doesn’t only improve your home’s security — it also adds value to your home! While it’s not the most impressive ROI you can get for a home upgrade, you can’t put a price on the security and reassurance a backup generator brings, making it well worth the cost.

What Size Generator Do I Need To Power My House?

It’s very important that you size your generator correctly, as a system that is too small will not be able to keep up safely, and one too large is a waste of money. Generally speaking, a generator is sized according to your total electrical access needs, expressed in kilowatt-hours or watts. You can figure this out on your own by listing out all of your electrical use and calculating from there.

However, this is very time-consuming, and any mistakes can lead to problems down the line. That’s why it’s best to reach out to a certified electrician when you’re looking for an install! The experts at Blind & Sons can accurately assess your needs and ensure your new generator is set up to meet them accurately.

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Whole-Home Generator Repair & Maintenance

Generators are a very effective contingency plan and way to protect your home. But if they’re left uncared for, or a complication goes unresolved, you might as well not have a whole-home generator! Troubleshooting and extensive maintenance for these systems are simple, but they need to be handled routinely and by experts who know what they’re doing. The professional electricians at Blind & Sons have the training and tools needed to ensure you get all of the care you need, be it swift repairs or complete maintenance and performance evaluation.

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At Blind & Sons, we take the safety and needs of our clients very seriously. Whether you own a home or run a business, you deserve solutions and electricians that you can trust, and we work hard to be that team. By offering the best generators for home use in the business for our installation services and backing it up with the full support services needed to keep the system in peak condition, we are the electricians that you can always count on for power solutions in Ohio.

Have questions about the cost of standby generators? Looking for generators for sale? Whatever your questions are, our experienced electricians can help.

Whether you’re looking to find out more about Generac generators or whole-house generators for sale in Northeast Ohio, Blind & Sons can help. Contact us online or dial (330) 753-7711 to get started now!

24-hour emergency generator service is available!

Common Home Generator FAQs

Do standby generators need maintenance?

Absolutely! As with any mechanical system, regular care will preserve the performance of your generator system. Common maintenance tasks for standby generators include oil and filter changes, electrical connection inspections, and performance evaluations. Typically, generator maintenance is best done every six months, though this may change according to the age and condition of your system.

How much do standby generators cost?

The cost of a new generator will vary considerably on a case-by-case basis. How much power you need is, of course, the largest factor. For small to medium homes, the national average is around the $2,000 mark for initial purchase, plus any installation costs and electrical work needed to integrate the system.

Do I have to turn off my home generator manually?

Whole-home standby generators will shut themselves off automatically. The system will continue to run for roughly a full minute after power is restored. It does this to prevent any complications should the power fail again in a short span of time.

Can I install my own standby generator?

We strongly recommend against it! Electrical work is very easy to make mistakes with, which could result in your generator failing to operate properly at best. At worst, you may expose yourself to personal harm or spark a home fire. Put simply, it’s a complicated job, and there’s too much risk for this to be a candidate for a weekend DIY.

Are standby generators loud?

Unfortunately, they’re not as whisper-quiet as you may like them to be. Most generators produce roughly 60 to 70 decibels while operating — kind of like what you would hear from a vehicle going 55 mph. Having your standby generator installed in an enclosure can help decrease the noise, though from inside your home, the sound will be audible but very tame.

Do standby generators come with a battery?

They often do not. This is because a generator battery can be dangerous and volatile, much like a car battery. For this reason, it’s unsafe to ship them all over the place. However, many car batteries are suitable for a standby generator, and your manual will tell you precisely what size you need.

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