Boiler Maintenance Service in Akron & Northeast Ohio

Your boiler is the lifeblood of your Northeast Ohio home, especially once the winter season settles in. While we tend to forget about our boiler systems during warmer months, it’s crucial that Akron residents don’t neglect boiler maintenance. That’s because failing to get routine boiler tune-ups can mean more heating system problems and breakdowns.

Thankfully, residents in Northeast Ohio can rely on Blind & Sons for all their boiler maintenance needs. No matter what type or brand of boiler you have, our team can keep your system in peak condition, so it operates efficiently and reliably season after season!

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We’re proud to be the team Northeast Ohio residents can always trust when it’s time for the highest-quality boiler service and comfort solutions!

What to Expect During Boiler Maintenance Service at Your Northeast Ohio Home

The best way for homeowners to keep their boiler systems functioning as they should is by keeping up with regular maintenance needs. Boilers are complex machines with lots of different parts that need attention and routine care in order to function correctly.

When you contact Blind & Sons for boiler maintenance, we will:

  • Clear the air vents and flues of debris and blockages
  • Check and adjust the water levels as needed
  • Flush and replace the boiler water as needed
  • Inspect your boiler for excessive gas or fuel leaks
  • De-scale the boiler
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • And much more!

We recommend professional boiler maintenance service at least once per year. This will help ensure your system can withstand the coming season while enhancing its performance and longevity.

Common Boiler Problems We Discover During Maintenance

Annual boiler inspection and maintenance helps your HVAC company catch problems (like those below) early. This allows us to repair these boiler issues before they become dangerous or damage your home. If you notice any such issues between our tune-up visits, contact us immediately for boiler diagnosis and repair:

  • Kettling: Signs of this include rumbling or banging noises coming from the boiler due to mineral buildup, which could be dangerous.
  • Leaking: Corrosion can lead to boiler leaks, but pressure relief valves and/or faulty pumps can also cause leaks.
  • Pilot light problems: If your pilot light is burning yellow (rather than normal blue), we may discover and correct this during our inspection of your boiler ignition system.
  • Excess sediment: If we discover excessive limescale in your boiler tank, a tank flush is included in our annual maintenance service. Once we flush out the boiler system and replace the water in the tank, your system will function more efficiently, and you may see lower utility bills.
  • Boiler not heating the house properly or efficiently: You may have a faulty safety switch, broken circulator pump, or an ignition or thermostat issue. Once we repair the issue, you could see lower energy bills and enjoy increased home comfort!

Benefits of Boiler Maintenance from Blind & Sons

With the Blind & Sons Maintenance Value Plan, you get much more than flawless boiler maintenance service and first-class comfort solutions—you also get a team that’s committed to excellence in all that we do. That’s why we back each of our employees with our Trust Certification. Through this certification, we guarantee that:

  • Each of our employees will wear an ID for added security.
  • All technicians will wear boot covers when working in your home and clean up once the service is done.
  • Each technician has passed rigorous drug, criminal background, and motor vehicle screenings as a condition of employment.
  • All specialists have successfully passed N.A.T.E. certification testing.

Plus, we proudly offer 24/7 emergency heating repair services so you can always get the help you need whenever you need it most. With our team ready to take your call at any hour on any day, you can be confident that we always prioritize your comfort and that we’ll quickly respond when you need boiler service!

Blind & Sons MVP Maintenance Plan Benefits

Schedule a Boiler Tune-Up at Your Northeast Ohio Home

For more than 80 years, our expert heating contractors have proudly served Akron and Northeast Ohio residents. We’re known for our first-class service, as well as our experience, integrity, and top-quality solutions. That’s why we’re a leading HVAC company in Northeast Ohio and why you can always rely on us for fast, dependable boiler service!

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Boiler Maintenance FAQ

How often should I schedule preventive boiler maintenance?

Check your manufacturer’s documentation, but boilers should typically be serviced, tuned up, or maintained once a year. This professional service helps to ensure that your boiler is operating safely and efficiently throughout its life span. Professional preventive maintenance is normally required to keep your warranty in force.

When will my boiler need replacement?

Your boiler should serve you well for 10-15 years, or possibly even longer, when you schedule our annual preventive maintenance service.

How can I maintain my boiler between professional visits?

Check that your air vents and flues are never blocked by curtains, furniture, rugs, etc. Check the water level in the boiler. Keep the area around the main boiler unit free of anything that could restrict free airflow around it. If the level is low, call your HVAC expert to look for a plumbing leak and make repairs. Watch for water dripping from the overflow pipe, which can mean a faulty pressure release valve.

Get expert boiler maintenance service from Blind & Sons here in NE Ohio. Contact us online or call (330) 753-7711 now — before you forget!

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