Ductless HVAC System Services in the Akron & Cleveland, OH Areas

Blind & Sons Installs Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Systems

Maintaining a comfortable home in Northeast Ohio can present somewhat of a challenge to an under prepared homeowner. The summers are stuffy, the winters are frigid—and the in-between seasons are no walk in the park, either. What you need is a whole-home comfort system that can do it all, and preferably one that is as efficient and reliable as it is powerful. Not sure where you can get such a solution? The team at Blind & Sons is! That’s why we offer top-class ductless split systems from Mitsubishi for sale!

Our Akron area HVAC company has been offering superior comfort solutions to homeowners for generations. Your comfort and satisfaction are our highest priorities, which is why we choose to install products that we can trust, and we offer HVAC services that put our clients first.

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The experts at Blind & Sons offer:

  • Ductless split system installation
  • Ductless split system replacement
  • Ductless split system repair
  • Ductless split system maintenance

Interested in learning more about the benefits of a ductless split system in the Akron and Northeast Ohio areas? Looking for ductless heating and cooling experts near you? Contact Blind & Sons online! We proudly offer 24/7 emergency service!

How Does a Ductless Split System Work?

When designing a ductless split system, you may choose to install as many, or as few, individual room units as you desire. If you only need additional comfort in one room, one unit can be installed. You also can control every room in your home with a multi-unit ductless heating and cooling system. The units are mounted on the wall and wired, via a simple wiring process, to an outdoor unit. It’s just that easy. No ducts are used, so installation takes very little time. Both the indoor and outdoor ductless units use efficient, quiet, and powerful DC motors and have high-performance condensers and evaporators. Compressors are variable speed to adjust automatically to fluctuating room capacity requirements and are inverter driven for optimal performance. At Blind & Sons, we are proud to offer a line of wall-mounted ductless split systems, among the highest quality, most energy-efficient, mini-split heating and cooling available on the market today! The potential for savings is great when choosing not to heat or cool unused rooms, such as guest bedrooms, while at the same time keeping bedrooms or the living room at the perfect temperature for comfort—a huge benefit of these multi-zone systems! Don’t forget to ask us about our exclusive 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Financing is Available! 

Ductless Heating & Cooling in Northeast Ohio

Ductless Mini-Split System Installation

Ductless units offer a unique and highly efficient year-round comfort solution, providing effective cooling that is capable of beating back even a harsh summer, and reliable warmth for the winter season. But if you want to maximize your benefits and comfort, the system needs to be installed and sized with extreme care. Our Mitsubishi mini-split systems are sure to meet your home’s heating and cooling needs. Want to install a ductless split system in the Akron, OH area? Contact Blind & Sons online!  

Ductless Split System Repair

As great as a ductless unit might be, it’s not at all immune to the same complications and troubles that any home HVAC system is subject to. When something goes wrong with your equipment in Northeast Ohio, you need a repair service team that can provide prompt, accurate service, and the team at Blind & Sons can bring it to you. Using our top-notch training and tools, we can provide a repair service that is both cost-efficient and dependable. Need to repair a mini-split in the Akron, OH area? Contact Blind & Sons online!

Got an Emergency? We Can Help!

Ductless Split System Maintenance

Keeping the efficiency ratings and reliability of your ductless system maxed out is a top priority for any Akron-area homeowner. And with our team on your side, it’s not hard to do! We offer comprehensive maintenance and seasonal tune-up services that can help you avoid common breakdown causes, as well as boost the power and efficiency of your ductless split heat pump system. Schedule maintenance for your ductless split system in the Akron, OH area by contacting Blind & Sons online!  

Benefits of a Ductless Split System in Northeast Ohio

  • Quiet Operation – Wall-mounted ductless mini units have a Quiet Mode option that, when selected, causes the fan to run so quietly you will hardly know that it’s running.
  • Cleaner, Healthier Air – The removable and washable panel filter is an air cleaner, which effectively removes mold and dust from each room in your home. Each ductless cooling and heating unit also features Dry Mode so that it can be set to act as a dehumidifier, even when cool air may not be desired. Dry Mode includes a 24-hour timer.
  • Energy Efficiency Savings – 9RLFW and 12RLFW are ENERGY STAR® qualified heat pumps with SEER ratings of up to 23, so they provide both heating and cooling while keeping utility costs low. They are among the most efficient equipment available today.
  • Easy Maintenance – Each unit’s filter is easily removable and washable. Merely wipe down the unit’s casing to keep it free of dust. That’s all the maintenance the unit requires!
  • Wireless Controls – Each ductless split system comes with a standard wireless remote controller, allowing your comfort level to be easily adjusted. The remote control also features a sleep timer so that the temperature may adjust after you’ve gone to sleep.
  • Comfort– Each time the ductless HVAC system is turned on, the fan is automatically set to “High” so that the set temperature is reached as quickly as possible. Then, as the room temperature approaches its goal, the fan speed automatically adjusts downward until the set temperature is reached.

Mini-Split FAQs

Are mini-splits good for heating?

Mini-split heat pumps are good at heating, but cannot provide effective heating in below-freezing temperatures. In these instances, you may find you need a backup heating system, depending on the size and layout of your home.

Is a mini-split a heat pump?

Yes! Though heat pumps can also be installed with ducts, mini-splits are another iteration of this two-in-one system.

Who makes the best mini-split?

At Blind & Sons, we consider Mitsubishi’s ductless split systems to be the best available.

Ductless Split System Services in Akron & Northeast Ohio

Whether you’re looking for experts that can install a new split system, or you just want a trustworthy team of pros to provide seasonal care and troubleshooting, Blind & Sons is the name you want to know for ductless split system services in the Northeast Ohio area, including in Canton, Akron, Barberton, and beyond. Contact us online to set a date for ductless split system service in Akron now!  

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