Emergency Furnace Repair in Akron, Ohio

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Here in Ohio, we all rely on our furnaces to keep our families warm and comfortable when the weather turns cold. At Blind & Sons, we’re here to ensure prompt and affordable furnace repair services to keep your home’s vital heating system working. You can count on our team whenever you need us, including for 24/7 emergency furnace repairs.

Contact us online for friendly, expert furnace repair in Akron and the surrounding areas of Ohio. You can also call us at (330) 753-7711 any time, for emergency heating repair services around the clock!

When Should I Call Blind & Sons for Akron Furnace Repair?

If you notice any of these signs of furnace malfunction, call on us for furnace diagnosis and repair:

  • Strange furnace noises: When you hear unusual or annoying furnace sounds, let us find the loose screw or the failing part and fix your furnace ASAP!
  • Odd smells: Your furnace may smell a bit the first couple times you use it for the season, but the odor should fade away. If you notice a persistent burning smell or strong smell of fuel near your furnace, it’s time to call Blind & Sons for reliable furnace services, including repairs.
  • Start-up problems: A furnace that won’t come on may have a damaged thermostat or problems with the wiring connections.
  • Pilot light issues: Your furnace pilot light should burn blue. If the flame is yellow or another color, there may be a furnace ventilation issue needing expert attention.
  • Poor or inadequate heating: If your heating system produces little to no heat, let us check for leaking ducts, a faulty thermostat, or other furnace problems.
  • Increasing energy costs. When your furnace efficiency is decreasing, let us inspect it and make repairs to help get your monthly bills back in line. As a preventative measure, you should also consider an annual furnace maintenance visit from one of our HVAC technicians.
  • CO detector goes off: If this occurs, turn off your furnace immediately and open windows for ventilation. You may have a potentially deadly carbon monoxide leak. Call your gas company to rule out a gas leak, then contact your reliable HVAC experts at Blind & Sons for repairs to keep your family safe.

If you notice any signs of a furnace malfunction, call Blind & Sons at (330) 753-7711 for home heating system repair in Akron and throughout northeastern Ohio.

Need Services? We Can Help!

Emergency Furnace Repair Services in Akron, OH

Our team wastes no time and cuts no corners when it comes to providing furnace repair for our clients. As one of the best local HVAC contractors in Akron, we take pride in applying our skill and knowledge to meeting your repair needs, and we bring to bear the full extent of our ability in order to ensure you get swift service that gets the job done right. Call on our local furnace contractors when:

  • Your furnace is blowing cold air
  • The furnace is making loud or weird noises
  • The furnace is leaking
  • Your gas furnace pilot is not igniting
  • Your furnace won’t restart after locating and using the reset located in the blower compartment
  • Your furnace filter is dirty (leads to overheating, or a furnace that won’t turn on)
  • Your thermostat isn’t responding, or the furnace won’t work with the thermostat

House heater not working? Call (330) 753-7711 to connect with our furnace troubleshooting specialists now!

Is Furnace Replacement Better Than Furnace Repair?

Simply put, it depends. There are many situations in which replacing your furnace can save you a lot of money and frustration, even though many prefer to always opt for repair. In situations where you need repairs too often (annual repair is not normal!), if your repair costs are too high, or if your furnace is about 10-15 years old, replacement becomes not only a viable option, but the preferred one in terms of overall price and performance.

Schedule Furnace Repair 24/7 With the Trusted Akron Furnace Pros

Northeast Ohio winters can be fierce! At Blind & Sons, we’re always on call for furnace repairs to keep your home and family comfortable. Our friendly, well-trained team of HVAC professionals arrives fully equipped to perform furnace repairs, and we do it right the first time!

Contact us online now to schedule furnace repair in Northeast Ohio! Call us now at (330) 753-7711 or contact us online and schedule your furnace repair.

Furnace Repair FAQs

How long should my furnace last?

Furnace life expectancy is typically from 15 to 20 years. You can generally expect a longer life from high-quality heating equipment with expert installation.

What should I do to improve the efficiency of my current furnace?

Our furnace maintenance service (like a tune-up for your furnace) helps improve furnace efficiency. Inspecting, cleaning, and lubricating the system annually also allows our technicians to catch any worn parts and recommend repairs to keep your system reliable, avoiding furnace breakdowns.

What can I do, as a homeowner, to help maintain my furnace?

Change your air filter often. Check manufacturer recommendations or call us for expert advice. If you have pets in your home, change yours monthly so your furnace runs easily and efficiently.

What can I check on before calling for furnace repairs?

Check that your system is turned on and set to heating (rather than cooling) mode. Also, make sure there are no tripped circuit breakers in your electrical panel, and check to see if the thermostat’s battery needs to be replaced.

Get answers for your furnace questions, along with expert repair services in Akron and the surrounding areas! Contact Blind & Sons online or call (330) 753-7711 today.

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