5 Common Kitchen Sink Plumbing Problems

And How to Prevent & Fix Them!

Kitchen sinks are one of the heaviest used fixtures in Northeast Ohio homes. From cleaning to cooking, kitchen sinks support many of our daily needs, and they can take a lot of abuse. Over time, that can mean your kitchen sink develops some problems.

Knowing what these problems are—and how to prevent and fix them—can help you keep your kitchen sink and plumbing running and in good condition.

Top 5 Kitchen Sink Plumbing Problems in Northeast Ohio Homes

Don’t ignore these kitchen sink problems—they can cause even bigger plumbing issues if they aren’t addressed:

  1. Slow or clogged drains: Food, grease, and more can build up in kitchen sink drain lines over time. When this happens, you could be dealing with multiple clogs, and video camera inspection from a professional plumber can help. It can uncover where the clogs lie, and that’s key to effectively removing them and restoring drainage.
  2. Sink backups: While this can be a sign of a kitchen sink clog, it may also indicate a more serious issue—like a sewer line problem. If your sink is backing up, call a plumber ASAP. Sometimes, multiple problems can be at play, and finding and fixing each of them is crucial to preventing future backups and big messes!
  3. Leaky faucets: Kitchen faucet leaks can mean higher water bills, broken fixtures, or even water line issues. So, if your faucet continues to drop after you’ve securely turned it off, call for plumbing service. While you wait for a plumber, it’s also a good idea to turn off water to the feed line.
  4. Garbage disposal problems: Humming, jams, leaks, and blockages are just some of the problems garbage disposals commonly experience. Pushing the reset button can help resolve jams—but if it doesn’t or if other garbage disposal problems arise—contact a plumber for kitchen garbage disposal repair.
  5. Poor water pressure: Weak water pressure at your sink can be a symptom of all sorts of problems, including a damaged or broken water line. So, if the water pressure at your kitchen sink (or any other fixtures in your home) has dropped, it’s always good to call for plumbing repair service. The longer water leaks persist, the more damage they can cause.

If you notice these red flags of plumbing issues, call the expert Akron plumbers at Blind & Sons for help. We can quickly and accurately diagnose the cause of the problem and expertly repair the issue.

And once your kitchen sink is working correctly, you can prevent future problems with professional plumbing maintenance service.

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