When Should I Turn On My Furnace?

In Northeast Ohio, September spoiled us with unseasonably warm temperatures. With day after day reaching the mid-80s, not many of us had our heating bills top of mind. However, October is now in full swing, and the cooler weather and changing leaves have prompted the big question: should I turn my heating on? No one wants to turn it on too early and end up paying heating bills for more than half the year. But you don’t want to be needlessly shivering either.

Is Your “System” Serving You?

Every family has their own system for deciding when to crank up the heat. Do you wait until after Halloween? After the first snowfall? When the temperatures get into the 40s? When your spouse says you’d better or else? At Blind & Sons, we believe in maximum coziness and want homeowners to feel confident switching on the heat any time they feel too cold. That’s why we’ve prepared a helpful list of tips for increasing your furnace’s efficiency. That way, you save on energy bills, and the cost of running your furnace doesn’t have to be your deciding factor.

5 Furnace Efficiency Hacks to Lower Your Bill

Let’s face it, in Northeast Ohio, your furnace is going to be running for a long stretch of time, no matter how much you delay turning it on. However, if you follow these simple tricks, your furnace won’t have to cost you so much:

  1. Change your air filter – Your air filter collects dirt, grit and dust. If it gets too dirty, your furnace has to work a lot harder to push air through your system. You should change your filter at least once a season.
  2. Clean your furnace – You may not realize it, but your entire heating system gets dirty. It’s a good idea to clean all accessible components with a vacuum or brush attachment.
  3. Keep the vents clear – Avoid placing large furniture in front of your vents. This obstructs the air flow and makes your furnace’s job a lot tougher.
  4. Lock your windows – Did you ever notice that when you lock your windows, they seem to squeeze shut a little tighter? You’re actually closing a small gap that allows warm, toasty air to seep out.
  5. Let the sunlight in – Remember, nature is on your side. On bright, sunny days, open the curtains or blinds and let the sun naturally warm your home.

Don’t Forget Your Annual Furnace Tune-Up!

Aside from the fact that most manufacturers recommend an annual tune-up (and many require one to honor a warranty!), you should consider scheduling yours right away in order to lower your energy bills. At your annual furnace tune-up, a qualified technician will clean your furnace’s internal components and add proper lubrication, both of which can increase efficiency. Your tech will also adjust your furnace in order to optimize airflow, improving efficiency by as much as 15%.

Do you have more questions about how to help your furnace this winter? Get in touch! Blind & Sons is always happy to share our knowledge.

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