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Clogged sewer or drain? Contact Blind & Sons, the drain cleaning experts! We can eliminate any stoppage in your plumbing system. 

We can say with some fair certainty that no one likes to deal with a drain clog or plumbing complication. So when one crops up, you want plumbers that can act fast, act with precision, and provide a comprehensive service that handles the issue at hand with ease. Wondering where you can get such an effective solution in the Northeastern Ohio area? You just found it—Blind & Sons offers complete drain cleaning and clearing services!

Our plumbers are extensively trained and highly seasoned, offering Ohio homeowners the benefit of a dedicated team that can offer superior plumbing solutions. Our drain cleaning services are ideal both for removing and preventing clogs, so never hesitate to contact us for total plumbing care in Akron and Summit County.

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Drain Cleaning Services in Northeast Ohio

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Drain clogs account for the vast majority of plumbing issues homeowners face, and our team understands just how disruptive and frustrating they can be. Whether the clog was caused by a sudden issue, or if it has been growing for a while, our team has the tools and skills needed to handle the task in no time. We’re always fast, always courteous, and we never leave messes behind when we’re done.

The Benefits of Preventative Plumbing Services in Akron

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While many seek drain cleaning services as an on-demand solution for a clog, the fact of the matter is that routine drain cleaning can be used as a highly effective preventative tool, too. What does scheduling plumbing maintenance do for you? A whole lot, including:

  • Reduced instances of clogs. As we mentioned, clogs are very common. They come as a result of hard materials, soap scum, and just a matter of time and minerals present in our water. Drain cleaning clears away these issues before they cause a clog.
  • Fewer risks of sewer line trouble. Clogs are bad enough, but too much trouble in your drains can lead to far costlier and complex sewer line repair and replacement. Drain cleaning is the effective prevention tool you need.
  • More efficient draining. Dealing with slow draining, or do you often experience backflow when flushing or using the shower? Drain cleaning can help!
  • Longer plumbing lifespan. Minimizing risks and common issues that need repair will always give your plumbing systems a boost in longevity, helping you avoid high replacement costs.

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Should I DIY Drain Cleaning?

A clogged drain can be caused by many things, such as congealed kitchen grease, food particles, hair, laundry detergent deposits, and other household substances. Although most clogs should be handled by a professional drain cleaning plumber, sometimes a home remedy like dish detergent, baking soda, or vinegar may work on minor clogs. Here are a few common questions we receive about DIY drain cleaning:

  • How do you unclog a drain with standing water? The best method is often a plunger. If you block the overflow openings in sinks equipped with them, a few stokes with a plunger will often unclog the drain. More stubborn clogs may require snaking or even removal of the trap.
  • How do I completely clear a blocked drain? If a plunger clears most of the clog, but the drain is still slow, you may try a combination of hot water and dish soap or vinegar and baking soda to dissolve grease and other solids that are coating the inside of the pipe. About ½ cup of dish soap followed by plenty of boiling water can work for many clogs, while 1 cup of hot water, ½ cup of baking soda, and 1 cup of vinegar can work for more stubborn ones. If not, a pipe snake may be the best option.
  • Can you use Coke to unclog a drain? Coke and similar sodas tend to be acidic, and they can be effective at dissolving grease and other substances. They may leave behind a sticky syrup, however, leading to other problems in the future. A better option may be vinegar and hot water, or a combination of vinegar and baking soda.

If the home remedies, plunger, or pipe snake are not working, it is best to call a professional drain cleaning service. Some clogs are caused by more serious problems than grease and hair, such as damaged pipes, vent problems, or clogged sewer lines. In these cases, a professional plumber will have the tools and experience required to diagnose the problem and provide repairs that do not risk further damage to the plumbing system.

At Blind & Sons, we offer professional drain cleaning services throughout Northeast Ohio, including Akron, Barberton, and Canton. We can handle nearly any drain problem you may encounter, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our services.

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Drain Cleaning from Leading Akron & Summit County Plumbers

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