Electrical Inspections in Cleveland & Akron, OH

There’s no perfect baseline for knowing when your systems are wearing down. That can make it quite hard to know if you’re dealing with a poor electrical system until something goes wrong. That’s why the certified electricians at Blind & Sons offer electrical inspection services!

Our experts understand what it takes to keep a modern home powered safely and efficiently. For decades, we have been the leading choice for electricians who homeowners can turn to for quality workmanship and dependable service. Whether you know your home electrical systems need attention or you need the practiced eye of a professional to help you decide what kind of electrical services you need, our electrical inspections are the solution you’ve been seeking.

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What is an Electrical Inspection?

In the simplest terms, an electrical inspection is essentially a checkup for the electrical wiring, electrical systems, and the control panels in your home. A lot of what an electrical inspection is can be likened to an HVAC maintenance service or a vehicle tune-up. Because a home’s electrical system will deteriorate with time and use and because many of these issues are hard to spot with a naked, untrained eye, an inspection can provide you with answers to any problems you might be having with your home’s electrical systems.

Specifically, an electrician will check for these signs of trouble during a standard electrical inspection:

  • Burnt, melted, or out-of-date electrical wiring
  • How up to date or outdated your electrical panel is
  • Any systems, appliances, or circuits that are not up to the current safety codes set by the NEC
  • Signs of poorly done electrical work or DIY electrical jobs
  • Incorrect wiring, improper connections, or improper use of dedicated circuits or appliances

Should all of these things be up to date and in order, your home will pass the electrical inspection. If our technicians find a problem or system in trouble, we will discuss our recommendations with you in order to determine the best services and course of action to handle the issues.

How Often Should I Schedule an Electrical Inspection?

There’s really no best timeline to get an electrical inspection. However, we suggest scheduling an electrical inspection service at least once every five years. We also recommend scheduling an Ohio electrical inspection in these situations:

  • Before buying a new home
  • Whenever you are frequently dealing with electrical issues in your home, such as flickering lights, frequent breaker trips or fuse blowouts, and the smell of burnt wiring
  • Whenever you are planning to renovate or add on to your home

Connect with the Local Electricians at Blind & Sons for Electrical Inspections in Cleveland

Our Cuyahoga County electricians follow a detailed, thorough procedure for all of our electrical testing and inspection services. We will make certain your systems are safe and properly functional. If we catch any issues, we will help you to determine the right course of action to fix them.

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