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“We know what a hassle it can be to fix anything that’s located under the sink. Our plumbers are trained and familiar with working in tight spaces and have the expertise to get the job done right.”- Dan Ody, Plumbing Service Mgr., Blind & Sons

A garbage disposal is a necessity in most households these days. It’s the most convenient way to deal with messy food scraps and helps keep your kitchen clean. If you find your garbage disposal isn’t getting the job done, it’s time to replace it with a new one.

Replacing or installing a new garbage disposal can be a hassle, as it involves the uncomfortable, confined workspace under your sink.  You’ll also need to be comfortable with plumbing and electrical, as it involves both. At Blind & Sons, we’ve been in the business of helping our Ohio homeowners for over 40 years. We offer a variety of garbage disposals to meet your individual needs or we can install whatever garbage disposal you provide us.

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Garbage Disposal Installation & Replacement in Akron

Whether you are installing a new garbage disposal or replacing an older model, our plumbing experts at Blind & Sons can help. We offer installation and replacement services throughout Akron and the surrounding areas of Northeast Ohio. Our services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When it comes to garbage disposal installation, some of the most common questions we receive include:

  • How long does a garbage disposal typically last? Most garbage disposals will last eight to 12 years with proper maintenance and care. At Blind & Sons, we install quality Insinkerator garbage disposals, and we can provide the maintenance and repairs required to ensure long-lasting, reliable service.
  • How much should it cost to install a garbage disposal? In most cases, it will cost a few hundred dollars to install a garbage disposal, between the purchase price and the cost of labor. A single sink installation is less complex and will require less time to accomplish, while a double sink installation may take longer.
  • Does a plumber or electrician install a garbage disposal? In most cases, only a plumber is required to install a garbage disposal, though an electrician may be necessary if there is not an existing electrical outlet or supply line available. In either case, it is not something that most homeowners should attempt.

Insinkerator® Garbage Disposal Products

A garbage disposal offers a myriad of benefits, including:

  • Catches food particles from dirty dishes
  • Minces particles that would otherwise clog your drain
  • Reduces odors in your kitchen
  • Provides drainage for a dishwasher
  • Promotes sanitary home conditions
  • Reduces garbage, meaning fewer trips to the garbage can!
  • Is environmentally friendlier than adding food scraps to a landfill

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Garbage Disposal Repair Plumbers in Northeast Ohio

If your garbage disposal is not working, humming, leaking, or making no noise when it is turned on, it may be necessary to call a professional for repairs. Our experts at Blind & Brothers can handle any garbage disposal repair, from removing clogs to sealing leaks or replacing the entire unit. Our most common garbage disposal repair questions include:

  • Why is my garbage disposal humming? A humming garbage disposal is typically the result of something stuck in the impeller. It will often be something fibrous, such as banana peels, or a foreign object, such as paper or utensils. Unclogging a garbage disposal can be dangerous and should be left to a professional, such as our team at Blind & Sons.
  • How do you reset a garbage disposal? In most cases, a garbage disposal can be reset by unplugging it or turning off the breaker, then pressing the reset button on the disposal. Finally, turn on the cold water and restore power. If it does not start operating normally, turn it back off and call a professional.
  • How do I prevent clogs in the garbage disposal? Avoid placing fibrous foods, hard foods, or grease in the disposal, and always run plenty of water through it during and after operation.

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When you need professional garbage disposal repair, installation, or replacement services, look no further than our team at Blind & Sons. Our licensed, certified plumbers can handle any problem you may encounter, and we offer affordable, dependable service anywhere in the Akron area.

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