Faucet Replacement & Repair in Akron & Northeast Ohio

A leaky faucet is more than just a nuisance. If left untended, a seemingly minor leak can waste gallons of water, cause a spike in your utility bills, and even threaten the structural integrity of your home. At Blind & Sons, we are committed to bringing prompt, reliable, and affordable plumbing solutions, backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Call (330) 753-7711 or contact us online today to have your leaky faucet repaired or replaced. We’ve been serving the Akron & Northeast Ohio area for over three generations, and stand ready and waiting to assist you.

There’s no Faucet too Frightening for Blind & Sons

At Blind & Sons, our expert plumbers can repair or install just about any fixture that’s been available on the market for the last century. The faucet problems that usually light up our switch boards include:

  • Leaky faucets in the laundry room, bathroom, or kitchen
  • Low or sudden changes in water pressure from sink and bathtub fixtures
  • Mineral scale buildup in and around fixtures

Nothing is beyond our plumbers, and we’re here to help! Call (330) 753-7711 or contact us online today to schedule service.

How to Know If You Need Faucet Repairs

Your Tap Won’t Stop Dripping

One of the more common and less dangerous faucet problems is that visible (and constantly audible) “drip, drip, drip” from the faucet tap. And if you’ve already tuned out the sound, consider this – leaving the leak unattended can waste 30 drops of water per minute, or 1,000 gallons of water per year!

Bubbles, Rust & Mold

Sometimes, faucets don’t leak where you can see them, or the leak you can see is just the tip of the iceberg. A leaky pipe connection can create pockets of moisture in walls and puddles on surfaces like your countertops and under your sink. If left to sit, this can cause considerable water damage, which can manifest in harmful mold, water-logged bubbles in your plaster or drywall, and premature rust.

A Spike in the Water Bill

If your monthly water bill suddenly goes up, or is steadily increasing while your usage remains the same, it might be time to put on your detective hat and search for a hidden faucet leak. A simple test can help you determine if you have a leak undetectable to the naked eye:

1. Find your home’s water meter and record the numbers.
2. Don’t use any water for two full hours.
3. Go back to the meter, and see if the numbers have changed. If they have, you likely have a leak.

Choose Blind & Sons for Faucet Repair & Replacement in Akron & Northeast Ohio

With three generations of expert plumbers in the family, Blind & Sons is the preferred choice for Akron & Northeast Ohio homeowners in need of leaky faucet replacement and repair. We guarantee 100% satisfaction, and we understand that trust is just as important to our customers as faucets that work. 

Call Blind & Sons at (330) 753-7711 or schedule an appointment online for fast, affordable leaky faucet service today.

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