Sewer Video Inspections in Akron & Northeast Ohio

The water main and sewer main lines are the most crucial and necessary parts of your Akron home plumbing system. Any issue with these mechanisms can lead to substantial home damage, complex plumbing problems, and, if they’re not handled soon enough, they can even lead to extensive plumbing system replacement. That’s why the certified plumbers at Blind & Sons offer you easy access to one of the leading methods of detecting and handling these issues: video inspection and diagnostics.

Having issues with your main lines or in need of a service team that you can trust in order to locate and assess your repair or plumbing replacement needs? The licensed plumbers at Blind & Sons put your needs first by offering fast, affordable, and supremely accurate video inspection service.

When you’re in need of sewer camera inspection services “near me” in Akron, contact Blind & Sons to schedule an appointment!

What Is a Sewer Scope Inspection?

Sewer and Water Line Insepction

A scope inspection or video inspection is a plumbing service that is designed to assess the health and state of your sewer and water lines. Normally, these lines are extremely hard to access, as they are typically deep underground. Back in the day, inspections required substantial excavation, time, and money—sometimes only to find that there was no problem at all!

Modern inspection techniques are simple yet effective, using a scoped camera attached to a feed line that can find its way easily into your sewer drain line and water mains. From there, the video equipment can provide images that allow a plumber to easily assess the situation, helping us to generate an effective plan of action for repairs or replacements.

Inspections typically take no longer than an hour or two once the equipment is set up, and an inspection will cost substantially less than excavation or unnecessary repairs.

When Do I Need to Schedule Sewer Line Inspection?

There are some more obvious situations that clearly demand the service, such as when your sewer line keeps backing up, or when you’re dealing with a clog that won’t respond to normal plunging or snaking. Additionally, we recommend scheduling an inspection if:

  • You’ve lost water pressure in your home
  • Your water bills have increased sharply for no clear reason
  • You have consistent clogs in the home
  • Your drains are giving off a foul or odd odor
  • There are puddles of murky, gross water in the yard

Additionally, it’s a great idea to add video inspection as a part of your annual home plumbing maintenance checklist. The service offers a ton of benefits and can add years of life to your plumbing system as a whole.

Purchasing a New Home in Akron or Northeast Ohio? Contact Blind & Sons for Sewer Inspection!

Considering a move in the near future? Purchasing a home can be a wonderful experience—but it can come with some unwanted surprises, too. Let our plumbing experts perform a complete inspection and analysis of your prospective home’s plumbing. That way, you can be sure your systems are in good working order, or you can plan ahead if repairs or replacements are needed.

Before you make a big move, call Blind & Sons at (330) 257-7386 or schedule a new home sewer video inspection online!