HVAC Zoning for Your Home in Akron & Northeast Ohio

Home Climate Control & Temperature Zoning in Akron & Northeast Ohio
“Zoning gives you the ability to divide your home into ‘zones,’ separate areas that have similar heating and cooling needs, allowing you to control different areas of your home, based upon occupancy and needs.” – John Turkal, Installation Manager, Blind & Sons

What Is HVAC Zoning?

Traditional heating and cooling systems will work to keep your entire home at a consistent temperature.

HVAC zoning systems allow you to heat or cool rooms in your home to different temperatures. Using a sophisticated network of thermostats and dampers, a zoning system will let you precisely control the temperatures in different “zones” of your home.

Being able to control heating and cooling zones in different parts of your home can optimize comfort and save you a lot in energy costs.

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Does Zoning Make Sense for My Akron Home?

If you’re considering zoning system installation, here are some helpful questions to ask yourself (and answer) to find out if this could be a good option for you, your family, and your home:

  • Do I have problems with temperatures varying from floor to floor of my home?
  • Are some areas of my home uncomfortably hot or exceptionally cold?
  • Are different family members comfortable at different temperatures?
  • Are any rooms seldom used, such as a formal dining room or a guest bedroom?
  • Are any rooms used for special purposes, such as a home office or exercise room?
  • Do you have any rooms that have unique cooling and heating requirements, such as a sunroom, a basement, or a bonus room?

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Zoning System Installation: Customizing Zones for Perfect Comfort in Your Home

The home zoning system offered by Blind & Sons is specially designed to provide the ultimate in comfort. With an integrated HVAC zoning system:

  • Your home can be divided into independent zones that each has a dedicated zone sensor.
  • The zone sensor will monitor and control the temperature in its area.
  • You can program each zone to be active or inactive for specific periods of time, depending on your schedule. For instance, you can set the bedrooms to be inactive during the day when they get little to no use.

With our HVAC zoning system, the possibilities in customizing your home’s climate and precisely controlling temperatures throughout your home are nearly endless.

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