Northeast Ohio’s unusually mild winter has led to early spring blooms. While it is a beautiful sight to see, for many it means itchy eyes, runny noses and scratchy throats.

About 40 million Americans have seasonal indoor/outdoor allergies, and the weather this year certainly isn’t helping matters. In a recent poll, 48 percent of people said this season is the worst and earliest allergy season that they could remember. Of those allergy sufferers, only 24 percent said that allergy medicine is making the season bearable.

So, what if you’re one of many who can’t find relief from allergy medicine? Even if allergy medicine does work for you, if you have a whole house of allergy sufferers, the cost of medicine can pile up quickly. It may be time to consider a whole house air filtration system.

A whole house air filtration system cleans and purifies the air in your entire home, not just one room, as most store-bought air filtration systems do. These systems will reduce dust and pollen in your home by up to 99.98 percent, relieving your allergy symptoms.

Air filtration isn’t just for allergies. Experts estimate that as much as 50% of all illnesses are aggravated, or even created, by poor indoor air quality. Radon exposure, the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, can also be reduced substantially.

For asthma or respiratory disease sufferers, air filtration can be a life saver. Hundreds of thousands of people who suffer these ailments have to take a trip to the emergency room every year for incidents that are a direct result of poor indoor air quality.

Not only will air filtration reduce those seasonal allergies, it can also increase energy savings. Built-up pollutants in your heating and cooling systems can reduce efficiency by up to 25%. Cleaner air means a cleaner, more efficient heating or cooling system.

If you’ve been suffering the effects of one of Northeast Ohio’s worst allergy seasons yet, make an appointment with Blind & Sons. Our trust-certified technicians can recommend and install a whole house air filtration system that will reduce those allergy symptoms and lead to a happier, more comfortable home.