Homeowners who have thrown out a refrigerator’s worth of food because of a power failure know that even short outages can be very expensive. Without electricity, your home and your family come to a grinding halt. All the essentials you rely on are suddenly gone, including your most basic needs. You have no lights, no hot water, no heat and no air conditioning! But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With the right whole-home generator, you can protect and prevent your family from this kind of loss. And while power outages are never convenient, they can be less painful with a Generac Whole-House Generator.

If Your Power Goes Out, Our Generators Go On

It has never been so simple. If your power goes out, your generator goes on – automatically! So when the utility power to your home fails – because of a storm, accident, or brown-out conditions – the generator automatically starts producing electricity. With Generac Generators, the automatic transfer switch safely disconnects the utility line and transfers to general power. Power is then restored within seconds and the generator returns to standby mode. Yes, it is that easy and the transfer of power is really that seamless.

Whole-House Generators vs. Portable Generators

Although a portable generator will be easier on your wallet, it must have its fuel and carbon monoxide production monitored constantly. Is that something you want to worry about? It also must remain outside in a dry area and never in your home or any enclosed or partially-enclosed space such as your basement, garage or crawl space. This is due to the carbon monoxide (CO) that is emitted while the machine is running. A Generac Whole-House Generator is safer because it is powered by natural gas or propane, and there is no gasoline to transport or spill. It also runs on your home’s existing LP (propane) or natural gas supply and is professionally installed by a certified electrician. Plus, it adds to the resale value of your home, especially if you live in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions.

Avoid ever feeling powerless again and back your home up with a Whole-House Generac Generator. Wondering if one would be right for your home? Contact us!