Here at Blind & Sons, we urge anyone who hasn’t yet, to have their air conditioner tuned up before turning if off for the year.

Just as you wouldn’t store your lawnmower for the winter with a full tank of gas and dirty oil, don’t turn off your air conditioner without making sure it is ready for next summer.

Tuning-Up your air conditioner before you turn it off for the year can provide you with more than peace of mind. Here are five additional benefits of maintaining your cooling system:

1- You Can Extend the Life of Your Air Conditioner. Your air conditioner can last up to 15 years. Just like any mechanical equipment, taking care of your air conditioner with regular maintenance can increase the chance yours will make it!

2- You Can Avoid Costly Breakdown Repairs. The chance of a system breakdown increases without regular maintenance by helping to identify minor issues and potential problems in your system before they cause a failure.

3- Get the Dust Out of Your Air. An important part of maintenance is cleaning your system- both inside and out.

4- Save Yourself Time next Spring. Maintaining your air conditioner before you turn it off for the season can give you a head start on your to-do list next Spring.

5- Blind and Sons Technicians are the Best! Highly-trained and able to give you expert advice on your HVAC system- Blind and Son’s HVAC technicians are the best (and fun to talk to)!