Indoor air quality problems have many causes, and just as many solutions.  If you suspect you have poor quality air inside your home or have any asthma or allergy sufferers, the first step is to call us so we can evaluate your specific needs and recommend ways to improve the air you’re breathing.

What are some clues that you may not have the best air in your home?  Look for these signs:

  • Dirt or debris around your air vents
  • Sinus infections, headaches, and dry eyes and throat that only occur when you’re at home
  • Musty or stale odors
  • Mold and mildew in damp areas
  • Excessive dust on furniture or floating in the air

We can provide an indoor air quality inspection at no charge that includes several air quality tests with specialized equipment. We’ll also talk with you about any problems you may be experiencing and find out what your air quality goals are to get an idea of how we can help. By knowing what problems you’re experiencing and then taking a look at the condition of your equipment, we can put together a recommendation of how to improve your air.

In some cases, it may be as simple as installing the correct air filter and making sure to change it as often as necessary.  A clean filter will remove most particulate matter and do a great job of cleaning the air, but a dirty filter will circulate it.  A dirty filter also makes your heating and cooling system work harder.

In some cases, duct cleaning may be in order.  Like an air filter, a dirty duct system will circulate dust, particulate matter, allergens, and odors throughout your home.

Other effective air quality equipment that we may recommend, depending upon your situation, includes:

  • Humidifiers and/or dehumidifiers to keep indoor air comfortable
  • Air purification systems actually hunt down germs and odors to eliminate them at the source before they’re circulated in your home.
  • Air cleaners get rid of virus-sized particles and bacteria, allergens, dust, and other contaminants up to 40 times better than a standard air filter.
  • UV lights to kill mold spores, bacteria, and viruses

Which solution is right for your family?  The best first step is to talk to us.  We’re glad to help you, whether it’s simply recommending a better air filter or installing equipment that will help you breathe easier and better.