It’s something you expect to see in the dead of winter, not the hottest day of the year; your air conditioner is frozen, covered with ice.

Why is your air conditioner covered in ice on a hot day?

Hint: it’s not because your air conditioner is ‘cooler’ than everyone else’s or doing a good job.

A frozen air conditioner, or evaporator coil, is a sign that something is wrong with your system. There are several possible reasons why your air conditioner is frozen; your system may have a refrigerant leak or a clogged air filter. Before attempting to fix the problem, you must allow your system time to defrost before repairing it.

Turn your air conditioner off, and then follow these steps:

First, check your air filter. It sounds simple, but a clogged air filter can obstruct the airflow in your air conditioner and cause the evaporator coil to freeze. You should be able to see through the filter, if you can’t, replace or clean it and try turning your air conditioner again.

Next, check to see how low temperatures dropped the night before. If you leave your air conditioner running overnight and temperatures dip below 60 degrees, your air conditioner can freeze. If low temperatures caused your air conditioner to freeze, your system should work properly again after it defrosts.

If your air conditioner freezes up again, your air conditioner may have a refrigerant leak or issue with your system’s charge and will require a professional repair.

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