Traditional Water Heaters in the Akron & Cleveland, Ohio Areas

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The hot water heater in your home is responsible for helping you cook, clean, take a shower, and a variety of other crucial day to day tasks. You don’t want the responsibility of servicing the water heater—or installing a new one—to be handed off to just anyone! You want and deserve a plumber that can offer you the best, and in Northeast Ohio that means you want Blind & Sons.

Our certified and licensed plumbers offer a full range of hot water heater services, from a complete water heater replacement and water heater installation, to routine maintenance and water heater repair services when needed. We understand just how important access to hot water is in your home, and so we always strive to offer solutions that are as swift and streamlined as they are precise!

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Traditional Water Heater Services

We sell, service, and install both traditional tank storage and tankless water heaters.

Technology is always changing and it helps to have an expert educate you on your various options.  At Blind & Sons, our professional plumbers and technicians can walk you through the pros and cons of various types of hot water tanks or our tankless water heaters to help you decide the best fit for your household.

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Traditional Hot Water Heater Installation

When seeking a new hot water heater the system needs to fit your needs, and no amount of standardization is going to do. You deserve a hot water heater that can keep up with your demand, and one that can offer efficiency that works with you, not against you! That’s why we offer top name products only, and we perform a rigorous analysis of your particular hot water needs before matching you with a new hot water heater.

Hot Water Heater Repair

Losing access to hot water can stop your day in its tracks, preventing you from performing even the simplest of tasks. You need a solution that is fast, that is accurate, and one that’s not going to break the bank in the process. At Blind & Sons we offer repair solutions that are a cut above, restoring your access to hot water in a timely fashion while never sacrificing the quality of our work.

Tank Flushing and Hot Water Heater Maintenance

Maintenance, routine performance evaluation, and tank sediment flushing all come together in order to prevent costly repairs and breakdowns and to optimize the performance and reliability of your hot water heater. The professionals at Blind & Sons offer extensive and thorough maintenance services, helping you get the most out of your traditional water heater investment.

Why Install a Traditional Water Heater?

Traditional water heaters store and heat water in a reservoir. As water is used the tank is refilled and a set temperature is maintained to deliver hot water whenever it may be needed. When selecting a standard storage water heater, Blind & Sons’ qualified experts can help you choose a unit with the right capacity and energy efficiency necessary to meet your needs.

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The Benefits of a Traditional Water Heater

When it comes to modern hot water heaters, homeowners have two basic “types” to choose from: traditional and tankless. Neither is specifically better than the other, but in most cases one suits you and your home best overall. We tend to recommend traditional hot water heaters because they:

  • Have a lower initial purchase price, ensuring there’s an option for any budget
  • Offer a potentially greater supply of hot water to larger homes, multi-family housing, or homes that need lots of hot water at a time
  • Are fairly easy to diagnose, repair, and replace

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